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Sealed qoutations are invited for supply of stationary items for use in establishment of Munsiff, Kaliabor,Nagaon for the financial year 2018-201920
Conference Proceedings of National Initiative to Reduce Pendency and Delay in Judicial System20
Comprehensive guidelines regarding service of Summons/notices/judicial process on the persons residing abroad.20
Instructions regarding Complaints received in the High Court against the Subordinate Judiciary.20

The Judicial activity in Nagaon district has long since been playing a significant role in administering justice in the district. The district judiciary is divided into two co-related divisions with two separate heads. The divisions are known as the "Judges' Court" and "CJM's Court". The first court, where both Civil and Criminal matters are judged and decided is headed by the District & Sessions Judge while the second court, where criminal cases only are decided is headed by the Chief Judicial Magistrate. Both these two divisions comprise the district judiciary that is subordinate to the Hon'ble "The Gauhati High Court" at Guwahati and the District & Sessions Judge is empowered as the head of the district judiciary as well as sessions division. Continue...

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